Learn real piano songs and have fun with magic piano mode.
Choose from over 500 songs to play.
You can record yourself playing or listen to any MIDI file you download.
All the most popular diatonic accordions on you at all times.
Practice or learn new songs from over 200 titles.
Piano Accordion
The first accordion app on Android and still the best one around!
Turn your phone into an Ocarina and play all the famous Zelda tunes or any of the 200+ classics in the songbook.
Button Accordion
Practice playing Button Accordion in Western, Russian or Finnish layouts.
The most realistic stringed instrument app on Android and iOS.
Play by bowing (arco) or plucking (pizzicato) the strings.
A customizable analog clock for Android.
Use it as a widget or set it up as a live wallpaper.
There's a working second hand!
Toy Piano
Play the Toy Piano and enjoy authentic Michelsonne sound.